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2015 FAQs

2015 is an exciting year for Packard Health. Here are a few FAQs which may help to understand the changes Packard Health is undergoing:

1.     What is the new funding source Packard Health recently received?

·       Packard Health has been certified as a Federally Qualified Health Center Look-Alike (FQHC-LAL) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), signifying that Packard Health meets all federal requirements based on a review by the Bureau of Primary Health Care/Health Resources and Services Administration (BPHC/HRSA). HRSA is the primary federal agency for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable.

2.     Does this change Packard Health’s not for profit status?

·       No

3.     Does Packard Health still need to raise monies to fund operations?

·       This FQHC-LAL funding supports Medicaid payments (coverage for low income individuals) at levels that are not available for other organizations.  This stabilizes the finances of our primary care medical practice.

·       However, there are still many underserved, uninsured, and high risk people in Washtenaw County.  To increase outreach to specialized populations and vulnerable populations, such as a nurse practitioner outreach for the chronically homeless, additional fund raising is necessary.

4.     How does this funding change Packard Health’s relationship with other providers?

·       Existing relationships with local providers and health systems remain as they are. Large providers support the increase in primary care access that this allows to prevent overuse of Emergency Rooms.

·       Safety net and other Medicaid providers see opportunities to collaborate or link with Packard Health to stabilize and coordinate safety net services; e.g., Delonis Center.

5.     What’s next for Packard Health?

·       Packard Health is waiting for a decision for full New Access Point (NAP) funding as an FQHC in the 2nd quarter of 2015.  This will allow Packard Health to provide services in Ypsilanti, which has the largest medically underserved population in Washtenaw County, and provide care in the Delonis Center for the homeless.

·       FQHC-LAL funding also allows Packard Health to directly provide mental health services, dental services, and pharmacy services. We are in the process of evaluating how best to provide each of these.

·       We will also begin to evaluate the status of our current facilities and consider upgrading them.


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