Certified Medical Assistant

Job Summary:  CertifiedMedical Assistant assists the physician and/or midlevel provider in providing consistent quality medical care for the clinic's patients and coordinates with front office for smooth patient flow.  Under the direct supervision of the Manager and Medical Leadership.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
1.  Fulfills patient care responsibilities as assigned that may include checking schedules and organizing patient flow; accompanying patients to exam/procedure room; assisting patients as needed with walking, dressing, collecting specimens, preparing for exam, etc.; collecting patient history; performing screenings per provider guidelines; assisting physicians/nurses with various procedures; charting; relaying instructions to patients/families; answering calls, and providing pertinent information.

2. Fulfills clinical medical assisting responsibilities that vary according to state law, which may include medical/surgical asepsis, sterilization, instrument wrapping and autoclaving; checking vital signs or mensuration; physical examination preparations; clinical pharmacology; drug administration through various routes including injections; prescription verifications with physician’s orders; minor surgery assists including surgical tray set-up pre/post-surgical care, applying dressings, and suture removal; biohazard waste disposal and monitoring; therapeutic modalities; instructing patients with assistive devices, body mechanics, and home care; laboratory procedures including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines; quality control methods; CLIA-waived testing; capillary punctures and venipunctures; specimen handling such as urine, throat, vaginal, stool, and sputum; emergency triage, and first aid. Medical assistants must adhere to the MAscope of practice in the laboratory.

3. Fulfills environmental responsibilities as assigned that may include setting up instruments and equipment according to department protocols; cleaning exam/procedure rooms, instruments, and equipment between patient visits to maintain infection control; cleaning sterilizer according to scheduled maintenance program and keeping appropriate records; ordering, sorting, storing supplies; and restocking exam/procedure rooms.

4. Fulfills clerical responsibilities as assigned that may include accessing patient medical records; obtaining lab/X-ray reports, hospital notes, referral information, etc.; completing forms/requisitions as needed; managing and updating charts to ensure that information is complete.

5. Fulfills organizational responsibilities as assigned including respecting/promoting patient rights; responding appropriately to emergency codes; sharing problems relating to patients and/or staff with immediate supervisor.

6.     Uses and understands electronic systems
·      EMR electronic medical records
·      Power Chart SJMH  electronic medical record  system
·      Packard Health e-mail
·      MCIR Michigan registry for children's vaccines
·      MiChart U of M medical record system

7.     Can greet patients in a pleasant and helpful manner. Can establish and maintain effective working relationships with patients, employees and the public. Can de-escalate difficult interactions. Can multi-task and maintain professional demeanor in a busy practice environment.

8. Acts in a professional manner reflecting the mission and philosophy of Packard Health. Supports and abides by Packard Health policies and procedures.

9. Other duties as assigned.

Education: High school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED), medical assistant diploma from an accredited vocational institution, or a community college course in medical assisting.

Experience: Minimum one year of recent experience working in a medical facility as a medical assistant and/or documented evidence of externship completed in a medical office. Vital signs, venipuncture, capillary, and injection current experience.

Other Requirements:
Current documentation of active National Certification as CMA, RMA, CCMA, or NCMA.  Must possess a current CPR certification.

Mental/Physical Requirements: Must be able to use appropriate body mechanics techniques when making necessary patient transfers and helping patients with walking, dressing, etc. Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds of supplies. Occasional stress from dealing with many staff and patients.

Equipment Operated: Standard medical exam/office equipment, which includes computerized health information management system for medical records, etc.

Send resume to: resume@packardhealth.org

This job description is a general description of job functions. It is not intended as an employment contract, nor is it intended to describe all duties someone in this position may perform. All employees of Packard Health are expected to perform tasks as assigned by PH supervisory/management personnel, regardless of job title or routine job duties. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, PH will provide reasonable accommodations for individuals who can perform the essential functions of this job.