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Everyone deserves access to great health care. Your support helps Packard Health provide care to our most vulnerable and under-served neighbors in Washtenaw County. Your gift is the gift of health and well-being.

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Real people. A real difference

DeMarco’s Story - Passionate and supportive care

"My care team is a REAL team."

When I came to Packard Health I was feeling bad. Today, I'm so much better. I've learned to manage my medical conditions thanks to Dr. Nichols and Karen Koeppe, Packard's Certified Diabetes Educator. I take my blood pressure at home with the monitor I received. Karen taught me how to use it, and she helps me with my diet too.

I feel like we're all working together to get me to a good place in my health.

If I can help anyone with my story, it's a good thing!



 Lisa's Story - Health care under one roof

"My life changed when I came to Packard Health."

After suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury from a hiking accident, my life changed forever. While my service dog, Sammy, has made my life more independent, I still have to deal with multiple health issues making it difficult to find proper healthcare. Finding Packard Health was the best thing that has ever happened to me! It all started with meeting Katie, the patient advocate, who showed me what was available in the community, as well as through Packard Health. I do not drive so having most of my needs under one roof is a godsend! I now have transportation through A-Ride services, a great primary care physician who has connected me to the specialists I need, and access to mental and social services within Packard Health as well. Packard Health has helped me to be more independent from my disabilities.

Thank you so much to all the staff for taking such good care of me and Sammy!

Dr. Ron Romero's Story - Compassionate caregiver

"I value every day I get to do this job, and value each patient who comes through the door."

Getting a chance every day to connect with individuals and families, I have the special opportunity to hear an infinite range of life stories and histories. It is in these stories and lives lived that humanity is expressed and that true relationships form. My goal for each person I see is to try to help each one live the life they want to live. Sometimes that means being healthy enough to play on the floor with grandchildren or preparing to add a new baby to the family. At other times, it is losing weight to reduce cardiac risk or overcoming depression. I want my patients to be able to imagine a life where their health (both physical and emotional) is not a barrier to achieving their dreams.


Martha’s Story - Giving to Packard Health

“I know my donation makes a difference.”

Packard Health has been serving our community since 1973 with the mission of making health care accessible to everyone. As a donor, I feel my contribution is supporting important work. As a volunteer, I know I'm lending a needed hand. Good communications is key - and I like the way Packard tells its story and keeps in touch.