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Kevin's Story

'Packard Health helped me change my life.'
Kevin Before and After

About two years ago, Kevin Leininger got some unwelcome news. Annual blood work, done by Domino’s, Kevin’s employer, showed extremely high levels of CRP—a marker for cardiac disease. In his twenties and weighing 355 pounds, he decided it was time to visit the doctor.

'I found Packard on the web.'

Kevin found Packard Health online, and chose Dr. Mira Sinha based on online reviews. Kevin’s lab numbers were so high that Dr. Sinha thought there might have been a problem with the testing. She had Kevin’s blood work redone, and the CRP marker came back even higher. Adding to the concern, there was a history of stroke and heart disease in Kevin’s family. Dr. Sinha sent Kevin to a cardiologist, who did a complete workup. Although everything came back clear, the cardiologist warned Kevin, “You need to lose a significant amount of weight in the next year.”

‘That was really the kick in the pants I needed to get started.’

Where other doctors had said, “You should lose some weight—good luck,” Dr. Sinha offered him some resources—right at Packard. She set up an appointment with Karen Koeppe, RD, Packard’s nutritionist. Karen told him, “To lose weight, you really need to nail down nutrition first.” Kevin notes, “For about the first six months I was working with Karen, I only did nutrition. For a short time I kept a nutrition log. Karen took a look at what I was eating and made suggestions of where I could get improvements. For example, she suggested trying skim milk instead of 2% milk.” He continues, “At that point I was drinking a lot of regular soda, and she helped me move away from that.”

'Packard's  collaborative visits helped tremendously.'

One unique aspect of Packard’s program was the collaborative visit program, which means that the doctors and other health care providers at Packard collaborate and meet together with the patient as needed. Notes Kevin, “Packard has been amazing. Especially having my doctor and Karen work together, even meeting at the same time. Both getting the nutrition and execution part of the picture all at once, that was very, very helpful. I could ask the questions I needed! There was an assumption of success there—both Dr. Sinha and Karen Koeppe believed I could do it.”

‘At first I could barely walk around my apartment complex.’

When Kevin started walking for exercise, he could barely make it around his apartment complex. That summer, he joined the Packard Pacers, a Packard-sponsored group that walks weekly at County Farm Park, with walks varying in length. By then, Kevin was walking the longer distances with the group. A year later? He was a fitness coach!

'Packard is really good at recognizing how those pieces fit together.'

Today, Kevin is a trim 200 pounds and is newly engaged to Erin Doutre. He still uses Packard Health, visiting Dr. Ravi now, but not nearly as often—because he no longer needs the visits! He notes, “My back pain and foot pain disappeared when I started walking.” In October, Kevin ran his first marathon, the Detroit Free Press marathon, an experience he describes as “fantastic.” He credits Packard, with its holistic approach and comprehensive support of him, as key to his success—and he hopes to see you at a Packard Pacers walk this summer.


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