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Lena's Story

For many in our community, health seems out of reach. Life overwhelms. Packard Health cares for these individuals every day with a unique, rapid and integrated team approach.


Lena and her 3 children were living in a friend’s basement, having recently fled a violent domestic situation. Feeling sick, and terrified about their future, Lena arrived as a new patient at Packard Health and saw Meaghan Cotter, Nurse Practitioner. Lena had not had medical care in years.

Help began immediately. Amy Rendon, Mental Health Practitioner, was quickly called into the visit and a diagnosis of severe depression and PTSD was made. Medications were started, therapy scheduled, and crisis info provided.

Lena learned she had diabetes. She met with Karen Koeppe, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, and they made a plan to manage her disease.

Urgent pressures in Lena’s life were addressed. Marisa Iaderosa, Patient Advocate, introduced her to the food pantry and got food stamps restored.
An application for disability was submitted and approved. Through our community partners, housing, glasses and children’s holiday gifts were found.


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