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Prescription Refills

If you need a refill on the prescription we have issued:

  • Call us 10 days before your prescription runs out:
    • Packard Main (Packard Rd): 734 971-1073 option 1
    • Packard West (Maple Rd): 734 926-4900 option 1
  • You will be prompted to leave a voicemail message with this information:
    • your name, birth date and telephone number
    • name of the medication and dosage you need
    • pharmacy name and location where you’d like the prescription sent
    • any additional special requirements
  • Please speak slowly and spell out your name and the medication name.
  • Your provider will review your request. If he/she needs to see you before the prescription can be filled, you will receive a return call with that information. If we are not able to schedule a visit before your prescription runs out, be sure to discuss that with us. We will take the appropriate action to ensure that you do not go without essential medication.
  • If your provider approves your refill, it will be called in to your pharmacy.
  • Requests received late on Friday or on Saturday will not be filled until at least the following Monday.
  • After waiting 48 hours (72 hours if you called the refill line late Friday or Saturday), if you have not heard that your prescription is ready, please call your pharmacy first to check on the refill before you call Packard Health again.

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