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Yearly Archive: 2018

Healthy Michigan Medicaid Patients! Your Medical Coverage May Be at Risk - Act Now

April 2018

Healthy Michigan Plan patients, please take note. You are asked to do a Health Risk Assessment with your primary care provider and pick a healthy behavior every year. If you have NOT picked a healthy behavior in the last 12 months your medical coverage may change and you may lose some of your current benefits....

Healthy habits - Cancer screening

March 2018

What if there were tests to find cancer in people who have no symptoms? Or tests to find the disease in its earliest, most treatable forms, or before it even begins? There are! These tests are cancer screens - and they SAVE LIVES. Maybe yours! Packard Health care providers know all about cancer screening. Sometimes...

Welcome to Dr. Sarah Bur

March 2018

  We are excited to welcome Dr. Sarah Bur to our staff as Assistant Medical Director of Addiction Services. She has gained a variety of experiences in treating addiction through working in office-based opioid treatment, an intensive outpatient program, and a methadone program. Dr. Bur is particularly interested in harm reduction and collaboration with behavioral health...

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