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Peggy McMurphy

Peggy McMurphy


Bilingual Patient Advocate

Area of Special Interest:

Searching and applying for grants


Packard Ypsilanti



Education and Training:

BA in Spanish and Political Science (Major)

French and Portuguese (Minor)

Language(s) in addition to English:

Spanish, French, Portuguese

Recognition and Awards:

Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish Honor Society

Personal Statement:

I am a servant. I deeply value being a strong source of support for families and individuals, regardless of the need. My specific skills are broad-based, including all applications for Public Assistance Programs, Medicare issues, insurance coverage, housing and utility needs and referrals to various community resources. Translating and interpreting are strong skills, and assisting immigrants into the US culture.  Community Outreach and potentially assisting patients with employment needs are also personal interests.

Why Packard Health? Patient-centered primary care. Patient-centered primary care.