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Cathy Buiten


Family Nurse Practitioner


Primary Care across the lifespan

Area of Special Interest:

Diabetes and obesity; health and wellness


Packard Main Ann Arbor





Education and Training:

MS: University of Michigan,  Community Health Nursing, FNP track, 1998
BSN: Wayne State University, CD2, 1992
BS: Grand Valley State University, Biomedical Communications, 1987

Recognition and Awards:

Buiten, C., & Metzger, B. (2000, January/February). Childhood Obesity and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: A Review of the Science. Pediatric Nursing, 26(1), 13-18.

Community Volunteerism Award, U of M School of Nursing, 1998

Personal Statement:

Best recent quote on health I’ve heard:

Last year [2015], Dr. Kim Williams became President of the American College of Cardiology. He was asked, in an interview, why he follows his own advice to eat a plant-based diet. “I don’t mind dying,” Dr. Williams replied, “I just don’t want it to be my [own] fault.”

For 9 years I have been a vegetarian together with my family of four. I didn’t grow up this way. I was an obese child. I believe that diet and exercise are foundational to good health. Let’s work together for your good health!

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