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"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success."  ~Anonymous 

A round of applause, please, for our team - the Packard Health staff. They are All-Stars of commitment, collaboration and care. I admire their ability to divide and conquer - and multiply our success.

Here at Packard, it's lively times. Staff members are embarking on new education, celebrating new babies, and handling family responsibilities. At the office there are expanded responsibilities and new systems, and our overriding commitment to high-quality health care for our patients.

I simply want to stop and say, "Thank you."

I am deeply appreciative of the Packard Health staff and their exceptional teamwork. They step up and give a hand to each other, they are positive and patient-centered.

Summer is underway - appreciation has no season.  Thank you, Packard staff!

Dr. Raymond Rion
Executive Director