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About us

Packard Health is a community health center, promoting access to health and wellness for families in Washtenaw County. We provide high-quality, affordable primary care and mental health care, complemented by a broad range of fully integrated support services. We care for patients at every stage of life and believe that everyone deserves access to health care.

Packard Health has been dedicated to serving the medical needs of our community's residents since 1973.

Packard Health is:

  • A not-for profit organization with a governing board of directors
  • A Federally Qualified Health Center. We welcome all, including those without means to seek adequate health care.
  • Strongly connected to community partner organizations, enabling us to meet health care needs in Washtenaw County in effective and collaborative ways
  • Guided by an ongoing quality assurance program

With extended hours, three sites, and a team of board-certified physicians and family nurse practitioners, Packard Health is fully committed to providing first-class medical care for you and your family.

Packard Health celebrates our 40 years of inspiring wellness.

Why Packard Health? Patient-centered primary care. Patient-centered primary care.