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Food, Medication, Transportation Assistance

Packard Health supports our patients with services that help remove barriers to health and wellbeing. We offer assistance with food, transportation, and medication expense. We connect patients with community resources as well as state and federal aid.

Our patient resource specialists are here to help.

Services include:

  • Food Pantries and Fresh-a-Sprout FREE fresh food markets supply groceries to patients in need. We also offer nutrition advice and food stability planning services.
  • Medication assistance program helps patients who are unable to afford prescriptions. We provide medication samples and help with prescription drug assistance applications.
  • Transportation vouchers are available for patients who need assistance in traveling to appointments and to specialists.
  • Basic needs are addressed by connecting patients to community resources. Our patient resource specialists help connect patients to organizations that can help with electric bills, a bed, a place to stay, etc. Our patient advocates are problem-solvers.
  • Assistance with health benefits eligibility and insurance enrollment is offered by certified health care advisors.  Read more >>
  • Sliding fee scale – we offer discounts on medical service fees for qualified patients.


Meet Our Patient Resource Specialists