Meet with your Packard Health provider or therapist online or by phone, in a telehealth visit. You are at home and your provider is at the office.

Visit with your caregiver conveniently and privately. Visits include primary care, MAT, behavioral health, and patient advocacy.  

Features of a telehealth visit include:

  • is the website for our virtual telehealth visit.
  • Private and secure (HIPAA-compliant)   
  • No software to download
  • No registration needed
  • Easy!

Getting Ready For a Telehealth Visit

Call the office to schedule a visit, 734-971-1073.  You’ll talk with a member of the Packard staff who will determine if you are a candidate for a telehealth visit or if you should come in to the office.

An email confirming your appointment will be sent to you. 

What you need for a video visit:

  • A smart phone (Android or iPhone) is a great choice. You can also use a tablet, laptop, Chromebook or computer (PC or Mac with Chrome, Firefox or Safari). You will need a webcam and mic if these are not built into your device. 
  • A good internet connection.

Can't do video? We can do a telehealth visit in a phone call. Contact our office, 734-971-1073, to discuss.

Starting Your Telehealth Video Visit

  • Find a private spot that is quiet with no distractions. 
  • You’ll receive a Telehealth Meeting Invitation before your scheduled time. 
  • Click on the link in the email or paste the link into your browser.
  • website will open with a Welcome Window.
  • Enter your name and check in.
  • Your provider will start your visit.
  • If you experience difficulty, call our office, 734-971-1073


Can medications be prescribed during a telehealth visit?
Yes, just like in the office, your provider can write prescriptions.

How much will it cost?
Telehealth appointments are covered by many health insurance plans. Please check with your insurance if this is a covered benefit. That means the same co-pay as an in-person visit will apply. Medicare and Medicaid currently are covering telehealth visits, during the Covid-19 crisis.

I don't speak English. How will this work?
We can link in a Trained Medical Interpreter to assist in a Telehealth visit. Ask our staff for more information.

Is my privacy protected?
Yes, we have carefully chosen a telehealth system that safeguards your personal information and meets the tough HIPAA regulations.

Video visit with your caregiver. Find out more: 734-971-1073 Find out more: 734-971-1073