New clinic at Miller Manor

Gina Dahlem and patientSmall space, big impact - that's the great storyline about the new Clinic at Miller Manor.

Packard Health and Avalon Housing, in partnership with the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, have opened a new clinical space that addresses the specific health challenges faced by chronically homeless and medically vulnerable individuals and families.

The clinic builds on past success. Since October 2016 Dr. Ravi Vadlamudi, MD and Gina Dahlem, NP have provided on-the-ground, "backpack" medical care to 141 individuals in their homes or onsite at Miller Manor. Outcomes have been significant:

  • Improvements in patients' health and quality of life
  • Major reduction in utilization of emergency rooms
    77% of patients seen by Packard had utilized ER one year before
    92% of these patients had a reduced or no use of ER after engaging with Packard

We are grateful to Avalon Housing for providing funding to set up the Miller Manor Clinic. This is the little clinic that could!