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Child immunization - Let’s do our best for our kids!

February 3, 2015


Childhood immunizations are a safe and effective way to keep kids from getting 14 serious and sometimes deadly diseases.

Saturdays at Packard Health - Kids’ Immunizations 

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  1. Children should have 80 percent of their immunizations by age two.
  2. Infants are often more vulnerable to disease than older children and adults, and often the diseases are more serious.
  3. A child’s risk of having a health problem from an immunization is MUCH LESS than his or her risk of suffering from the disease itself.
  4. Many diseases that can be prevented have no cure or treatment.
  5. Vaccines not only protect the child who receives the immunization, but they also protect others who:
  • Have weakened immune systems
  • Cannot get shots because of a medical condition or because they are too young or too old
  • Are not fully immunized