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Final Reflections of 2020

December 31, 2020

Dear Packard Health Friends & Supporters,

The global health crisis continues to challenge all of us, including Packard Health. It has been a long and difficult year. At Packard, we have been pushed to begin new services and redesign care delivery, often in timeframes that were incredibly short. I am profoundly grateful to our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers for tirelessly helping us weather this storm. 

I am also grateful that Packard Health's finances remain strong. This facilitated the high quality new services and redesigned care that we offered our patients and also meant that we did not have any staff layoffs or furloughs this year. I thank you for all you have done, not only for Packard Health, but also for all of the organizations in Washtenaw County and beyond that need your financial support.  

Every new year offers opportunity, and Packard Health intends to build on what we have learned in 2020. Our team has learned that we are stronger together. Our response to the pandemic has been innovative and immediate. Solutions we have found to be most effective in preventing the spread of the virus are now permanently affixed in our toolbox - telehealth appointments, drive-thru COVID-19 testing and flu vaccine services, and the ability to pre-screen patients and visitors for symptoms of illness. 

Publicly announcing our stance on racial equity this year was one way we chose to express our commitment to the community we work with and serve.  

Our facilities need to and will reflect the value and dignity of each of our patients. We have plans that will better show our patients that they deserve top quality healthcare in facilities that honor the trust they have placed in us. Programming will be expanded to offer patients opportunities to improve their personal health outside of the exam room. Packard Health’s plans will begin to become a reality in 2021, and I look forward to sharing them with all of you. 

While a COVID-19 vaccine is what everyone has had their sights on, Packard Health included, we have been diligently focused on planning for life after the vaccine. The mantra has been that the future 'normal' might be a new normal. We can guarantee that Packard Health’s future will be not only new, but also built on its foundation of 47 years of caring for our patients. We hope you continue to follow along as our story unfolds.  

Thank you for your tremendous support and for being part of our year. I wish each of you a very Happy and Healthy 2021!

With sincere appreciation,

Raymond Rion, MD
Executive Director
Packard Health