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Hospital. Healing. Home. Recuperative Care at the Shelter.

Ravi Vadlamudi, MDThink about the last time you were hospitalized. You recovered enough to go home - to family and friends to help with medications and personal care. Watchful eyes, home-cooked meals, and your own bed eased your pain and sped your recovery.

If you had no home to return to, the story would have been very different.

The new Recuperative Care program at the Delonis Center is a healing place for people discharged from the hospital with no home to go to. Packard Health nursing staff provide care to recovering clients in a 6-bed, semi-private area on the second floor.

Being homeless can increase the odds of re-hospitalization within 30 days almost four-fold. The Recuperative Care program breaks this cycle with shelter, time to recover, medical supervision, case management, and importantly, a bridge to permanent housing. "The program goal of all of us here at the Shelter is to discharge no one to homelessness," says Ravi Vadlamudi, MD, Packard Health physician and Medical Director of the Recuperative Care Program.

"The program delivers on so many levels, from compassionate care to a bridge to housing to cost savings. This is a great program and Packard is excited to be a part of it," says Dr. Ravi.