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Inside Looking Out

July 22, 2020

Yoga, painting, virtually 'hanging out' with friends - these are a few of the activities that many engaged in during the stay-at-home order this spring. But how many people combined all of them into one activity? Well, at least 15.

Carter Yoga Virtual Studio brought a group together to produce a collaborative art piece with the purpose of supporting the work of a local non-profit. The result, a painting titled "Inside Looking Out" (pictured below), that raised $450 to benefit Packard Health.

"My goal is to support my community, as well as my family, since all of the local yoga studios had to close," said Carter Scott, owner of Carter Yoga Virtual Studio. "I wanted the entire process to be a full-on community activity. This included not only the creation of the art piece itself, but solicited input on every aspect involved, such as the name, the starting bid price, where to donate the funds, etc."

On April 4th, participants virtually gathered via Zoom and together chose colors, determined how to apply the paint, shared their feelings about the piece, and enjoyed each others company.

Carter explained, "I put the art up for auction on Facebook for a total of seven days and there was a bit of a bidding war at the end."

Namaste to Carter and everyone who came together to create such a vibrant and unique piece to benefit Packard Health!

Collaborative Art Piece