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Meet Dr. Ravi

January 31, 2017


Meet Dr. Ravi Vadlamudi.

He was in Nepal during the 2015 earthquake, and in Louisiana in the aftermath of Katrina. Like each and every one of our Packard Health care providers, Dr. Ravi has exceptional commitment and compassion. He’s drawn to help people in need.

Dr. Ravi is part of our good story here at Packard Health. We reach out to our under-served and vulnerable neighbors in new and effective ways. In collaboration with our awesome community partners, real progress is being made helping people improve their lives. We want to tell you more, and a morning with Dr. Ravi and his patients tells it best:

Dr. Ravi is making a home visit to Bob’s apartment. Like all the patients he sees today, Bob lives in an Avalon Housing unit. “Housing first” is Avalon’s philosophy, with supportive services to help desperate people address their life-damaging issues.

Bob used to live under a bridge on S. Industrial. He’s too malnourished to stand, an active, heavy drinker, and an angry, dying man. Dr. Ravi sits on the floor by Bob’s bed as they talk. Getting an OK to visit again is progress.

Mary has been sober for 5 weeks and is delighted to see Dr. Ravi. “Your visits make me responsible,” she says. Mary suffers from severe depression and anxiety. Dr. Ravi adjusted her medications and encouraged her to get to AA. She is now able to get dressed and go out of the house. Soon she may be able to make – and keep – appointments at Packard Health.

When Dr. Ravi arrives at Pete’s apartment he finds his patient breathing with difficulty  and feeling sick. Pete, a severe alcoholic, has emphysema that is worsening, and without   treatment he will probably end up in the ER. Dr. Ravi calms his stressed patient and writes a prescription. An Avalon caseworker picks it up and brings it to Pete within a couple of hours.

It’s lunchtime and Dr. Ravi stops at West Park. He sets up his laptop and the jetpack  that gives him Wi-Fi wherever he goes. He makes his notes about the people he has seen this morning. We can’t fix it all, he thinks, but we can build connections and give compassionate, exceptional care – something every  one of us deserves.

We are proud to say that our caregivers are a breed apart.