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Cancer screening - What and why

Do you know about cancer screening? It's a healthy habit that saves lives.

WHAT is a cancer screen?
A screen is a test that finds cancer in people who have no symptoms. These tests can find the disease in its earliest, most treatable forms, or before it even begins.

WHY have a cancer screen?
Finding cancer early, or before it begins, SAVES LIVES. Maybe yours!

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3 Screens That Save Lives 

1. BREAST - For Women
Mammograms are pictures of your breast from 2 sides that can find cancer early-on. Regular mammograms are an important healthy habit. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - let us tell you more!

2. CERVIX - For Women
Cervical cancer was once the leading cause of cancer death in women in the US. The PAP test has dramatically cut those numbers because cervical cancer is almost entirely preventable when found early. The test is painless - and you can ask for one of Packard Health's female providers.

3. COLON - For those 50 or older, or with a family history
There are several tests to choose from, including one that can be done at home without any special preparation - the fecal occult blood test. One third of people who die of colon cancer would be saved if they had screening.