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Mediterranean diet - Savor it!

The Mediterranean Diet, the sensible, healthy-eating model that's been around for 20 years is the subject of two new studies.*

And it's all good news...

The "Med" Diet reduces risk of stroke and heart attack, and Type 2 diabetes.

Celebrate the Med Diet!

1. For a healthy, tasty treat - It's Greek to Me Dip recipe

2. Focus on fruits & vegetables (2+ cups veggies/day, and at least 1 fruit)

3. Load up on legumes and beans

4. Eat fish twice a week or more (baked, broiled, or grilled)

5. Emphasize Extra-Virgin Olive Oil -Drizzle & dip it, use in cooking (not baking).

6. Grab a handful of unsalted or lightly-salted nuts every day. Sprinkle in Greek yogurt, on salads, in brown rice/vegetable dishes, or as an afternoon snack. Don't go nuts - a small handful will do!

It's also a style of living ... 

  • Think quality over quantity with smaller portions
  • Dine with family & friends - Savor the food and enjoy the company
  • Enjoy a walk after your meal - Lower blood sugar and speed digestion