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Good, good works

Rion_Dingell"Every American deserves access to quality, affordable health care."  ~ Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Dearborn

As Packard Health and our partners in the community focus hard on the most vulnerable citizens in Washtenaw County, there's energy, innovation and commitment in the air. Packard Health is honored to be a part of this unfolding story. Here are two examples of great news and hard work.

$650,000 in Federal Funding to Serve Our County's Most Vulnerable

Packard Health went after federal dollars for our community - and a call from Rep. Debbie Dingell's office delighted us with the news - we got it! The renewable annual grant funding will aid our county's homeless and uninsured, and enables us to bring our unique, integrated model of care to more patients. We currently see 7,000 patients a year, and we'll work to reach an additional 3,000 with a new office in Ypsilanti and expansion of care at the Delonis Center in Ann Arbor. You'll be hearing lots more.

Exploring Supportive Housing Linked with Health Services

Ann Arbor was the scene of an inspiring CSH Social Initiative Fund SIF Conference last week, part of a national 5-year initiative to address rising health care costs by pulling people with the most complex issues out of the revolving door of crisis health services. Packard Health is exploring ideas with Avalon Housing to grow an effective new model that blends housing and cost-effective health services for our most vulnerable - the complex homeless who bounce from shelter to hospital to detox center to the streets again.

Packard Health has been an important community safety net for 43 years. We're strengthening those strings as never before and I extend heartfelt appreciation to all who work to make that so.

Dr. Raymond Rion
Executive Director